5 Online Trainings Every Entrepreneur Should Take

I’ve been part of a entrepreneur group for a while now, and their mission to fill the world with thriving entrepreneurs is quickly coming to fruition.

It’s called Entrepreneur Alliance.

One of the biggest draws with membership to Entrepreneur Alliance is full access to online trainings that tackle skills and strategies entrepreneurs are using to grow their businesses.

Here are five of my favorites that you can get access to right now:

1. The 6K Success Consulting Course

6K Success Program How To Build A Digital Marketing Consulting Business This is a full program that teaches you how to start a digital marketing consulting business from scratch.

It’s 38 amazing videos, and usually sells for $997, but is included with your membership to Entrepreneur Alliance at no additional cost.


2. Business Entities And Keeping Your Books In Order

Business Entities And Keeping Your Books In Order

Do you struggle with bookkeeping, including invoicing, keeping up with bills, etc.?

Tax accountant Luis Trujillo talks about how to choose an entity, stay on top of your books and the good side of Uncle Sam.


3. How To Create A $6,000/mo Software Product That Solves Your Own Pain

How To Create A 6000 Dollar Per Month SaaS Product

Software is hot right now.

If you’re like most of us, you probably have some sort of interest in creating a software product/business someday but aren’t sure where to get started.

This training is 60 minutes of Entrepreneur Alliance co-founder Dave Rogenmoser, and lead developer and partner JP talking about exactly how they stumbled into Payfunnels, how they developed it and got it to $6,000/mo… almost by accident.


4. The 4-Stage Growth Plan To Building A $100 Million Business

How To Scale A Business To 100 Million Dollars

Pretty lofty goal, isn’t it?

The guys behind Entrepreneur Alliance want to build a $100 million business within 5 years, and are breaking down their plan to do just that.


5. How To Set Up A High-Converting Webinar Funnel

High Converting Webinar Funnel

Watch Dave lead a 1-hour coaching session with a student, as they set up a high-converting webinar funnel.

From building a Facebook ad campaign to setting up each stage of the funnel, Dave walks through the entire process from start to finish.

Dave has run over 100 webinars, so learn how to get your first 5 sales from a webinar with this training.

Basically… there is an amazing amount of value packed into Entrepreneur Alliance, and they are adding new premium trainings every single week. So if this looks interesting to you… now is the time to join.

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Entrepreneur Alliance

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