6 Important Things Every Restaurant Owner Should Do This year

Owning and operating a restaurant means that no two days are every even remotely alike. Along with the natural fluctuations that occur on a regular basis in the food service industry, government rules and regulations are also subject to change. One of the most important things that a restaurant owner or management professional can do is to develop superior organizational skills and put them to work on a regular basis.

Marketing Tips For Restaurants

Here are six important things that every restaurant owner should do this year that will help their businesses run more smoothly.

1. Create an online marketing strategy

This is one of the most vital, but often the most overlooked parts of owning a restaurant. With Facebook, Instagram, Siri and Alexa rapidly becoming people’s source of information about their local communities, it’s important that your restaurant is visible on these platforms. Read this guide from FoxtailMarketing.com about Inbound Marketing, and how an inbound strategy works.


2. Establish a designated office space

Because many restaurant owners are hand-on concerning their businesses, they tend to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, on the dining room floor, at the front desk, or a combination of all three. This often results in an organized, designated office space being pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Consequently, owners and managers frequently attempt to perform their administrative tasks on messy desks pushed into unused corners like afterthoughts, and the work suffers as a result.


3. Keep that office space organized

Office supplies are another aspect of running a restaurant that frequently fall by the wayside. Forgetting to order new office supplies when available stocks run low results in mass disorganization, with important messages written down on random slips of paper and documents that should be safely filed away becoming places in a pile to file at a later date — meaning their chances of getting lost or thrown away are great. With today’s technology, keeping offices stocked is easy. For instance, pre-made forms like these can be printed out in-house instead of purchased from a local office supplies retailer.


4. Provide training opportunities for service staff

It’s impossible to have a smoothly run restaurant with a disorganized service staff. Providing front-of-the house employees with ongoing training helps keep operations streamlined. For instance, installing a new point-of-sales system can be a great way to maximize communication between the wait staff and the kitchen, keep track of sales, and minimize human error. However, these systems are complicated, and staff must be thoroughly trained on them in order to get the most benefit from their use. Check out the restaurant courses and training on Lynda.com to help further your skills, and keep your staff current on the latest in the restaurant industry.


5. Learn to understand a Profit and Loss Statement (P&L)

One of the biggest mistakes that restaurant owners make is failing to understand many aspects of the business side of operating a restaurant. Learning to really understand a P&L statement provides an accurate representation of what the business is actually making. Many restaurants owners fail to fully grasp the financial side of the picture, which can lead to severe problems. Learn how to create a P&L with this resource from Zions Bank.


6. Do a market survey

A market survey can be as simple as a suggestion box by the cash register and as sophisticated as a professionally prepared market analytics report. Restaurant owners need to keep their fingers on the pulse of the ever-changing market, so check out this guide from azcentral.com on how to design a restaurant market research survey.